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We are presently investigating several claims and are interested to hear if you believe you have been the victim of a wide-spread damage, fraud or scheme.

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Have you have been the victim of a wide-spread damage, fraud or scheme?

The Holland Law Firm has served as class and lead counsel in a variety of class action cases, seeking to hold corporate America accountable to everyday people.  We are presently investigating several claims and are interested to hear if you believe you have been the victim of a wide-spread damage, fraud or scheme.

The firm is actively investigating and prosecuting class actions in state and federal court arising from a variety of illegal conduct and consumer fraud including banking cases involving servicing abuses and violations, environmental releases and nuisances, financial schemes and frauds, contruction and building product defects, deceptive advertising and consumer fraud violations, illegal fee, kickback and backdating schemes, defective firearms, dangerous drugs, automotive defects, unfair competition and antitrust, to name several.

Our firm has successfully prosecuted and won approval of class action cases, being recognized by courts for the skill and expertise in this field.  For example, one judge presiding over a case recently found, in his approval order, “…the efforts of counsel have been exemplary.  This class action was handled with high skill and quickly and efficiently resulted in full recovery for class members.”

The Holland Law Firm routinely works with other leading class action law firms throughout the United States in prosecuting complex litigation matters.  Firm members are active in the national class action bar and leading organizations that help protect victims’ rights.

A sampling of our firm’s leadership positions in class actions include the following matters:  Vought, et al., v. Bank of America, N.A., Case No. 2:10 CV 2052 (C.D. Ill.)(co-lead counsel), Parisot v. U.S. Title Co., 8:22 CC 9381 (Circuit Court, City of St. Louis)(co-lead counsel); Hayes v. Integrity Land Title Company, 11 CC 1529 (Circuit Court, St. Louis County)(co-lead counsel); In re: Michigan Oil Spill Litigation/Volstromer v. Enbridge, 1:10 CV 752 (W.D. Mich.)(executive committee); In re: Yasmin and Yaz Sales, Marketing Practices and Product Liability Litigation, Case No. 3:09-md-02100 (MDL 2100) (S.D. Ill.)(PSC’s science committee); In re IKO Roofing Products Liability Litigation, Case No.  2:09-md-02104  (MDL 2104) (C.D. Ill.)(executive committee); In re Dial Complete Sales and Marketing Litigation, Case No. 1:11-md-02263 (MDL 2263) (D.N.H.)(executive committee); In re JPMorgan Chase Bank Mortgage Loan Modification Litigation, Case No.  1:11-md-2290 (MDL 2290) (D. Mass.)(executive committee and discovery chairman); In re CitiBank HAMP Loan Modification Litigation, Case No. 2:11-ml-02274 (MDL 2274)(C.D. CA)(executive committee); In re KV Pharmaceutical Securities Litigation, Case No. 4:11-cv-01816 (E.D. MO)(liaison counsel); In re HardiePlank Fiber Cement Siding Litigation, Case No. 12-md-2359 (MDL 2359)(D. MN)(trial team); In re Carrier IQ Consumer Privacy Litigation, 12-md-2330 (MDL 2330).




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