We offer sophisticated representation through a variety of alternative fee arrangements.

The complex litigation attorneys at Holland Law Firm have successfully handled cases involving banking, financial, and insurance commercial disputes. Holland Law Firm attorneys have litigated a number of major, high stakes commercial disputes including contract claims, construction disputes, banking, mineral rights, intellectual property and partnership/closely held corporation dissolutions. In addition to obtaining financial compensation, members of the firm have significant experience in courts of equity and have obtained major injunctive relief and other equitable remedies.

We offer sophisticated representation through a variety of alternative fee arrangements, rather than solely through the traditional billable hour scheme, which allows Holland Law Firm to be a partner with mutual interests throughout the litigation. Additionally, some disputes need a resolution, not litigation and millions of dollars in attorneys’ fees. The complex litigation attorneys at Holland Law Firm bring a unique skill set and a different approach to problem solving in these situations. To that end, we have successfully resolved complex deals with billions of dollars at stake.

The firm is available for consultation, co-counsel and local counsel representation in commercial litigation matters. For cases pending in the St. Louis area, Holland Law Firm offers convenient access to all major courthouses, multiple conference facilities, videoconferencing, and a wealth of experience with the local judiciary and courthouse staffs.

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