The Missouri Supreme Court denied yet another attempt by Fresenius Medical Care, the largest dialysis provider in the U.S., to dismiss cases from Missouri state court which claim that Fresenius’ dialysis product, Granuflo®, caused the deaths of hundreds of victims.  The cases, filed in the 22nd Judicial Circuit of the State of Missouri, allege that Fresenius knew that its Granuflo® dialysate provided a deadly composition due to a reformulation in 2004 yet failed to update its machines to account for the reformulated concentrate which delivered an extra dose of bicarbonate that caused deadly heart events. 

The Supreme Court denied the writ of mandamus filed by Fresenius without comment or explanation, marking the fourth such defeat for Fresenius in its attempts to stop the victims’ cases from proceeding.  There are hundreds of similar cases pending in Missouri courts which allege that Fresenius knew that its product was defective yet failed to take appropriate action until the FDA issued a Class 1 Recall of Granuflo in early 2012. 

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