The Holland Law Firm filed suit this month against Kansas City Southern and their controlled entities on behalf of the victims of a horrible train wreck at a grade crossing in Nuevo Leon, Mexico.  The lawsuit claims that the KCS, through its railway subsidiary in Mexico, failed to remedy known hazards, resulting in the deaths of 8 people and injuries to 2 others.  The Holland Law Firm represents the families and victims of this tragic incident, who are seeking compensatory as well as punitive damages against the railroad.

Eric Holland of the Holland Law Firm vowed to seek justice for the victims.  “No corporation is above the rule of law, no matter where the conduct occurs.”  Holland pointed out that KCS lobbied the Missouri legislature in recent years and won passage of a law that set venue in St. Louis County for any Mexican train crash, presumably on account of KCS’ extensive railroad operations in Mexico. According to Holland, “I’m confident in the courts and jurors in St. Louis and their ability to judge this case fairly.”

The Holland Law Firm handles railroad injury and death cases across the country.  The firm and its members have a proven track record both in achieving settlements and in the courtroom.  For further information, please contact Eric Holland at

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